Startup AliveCor could not prove in court that Apple illegally

Startup AliveCor could not prove in court that Apple illegally copied its ECG technology

Apple has to continually respond to claims from smaller developers of new technologies, which they accuse of illegally borrowing their know-how. Recently the court considered lawsuit case startup AliveCor, which accused Apple of borrowing its developments in the field of heart rate monitoring and trying to monopolize the market for such applications in the United States.

  Image Source: Apple

Image Source: Apple

The Californian company AliveCor specializes in developing devices and applications that allow you not only to monitor your heart rate using smart bracelets and watches, but also to take an electrocardiogram. During the pending litigation, the plaintiff claimed that Apple persuaded him to cooperate in the field of improving algorithms for tracking anomalies in heart rhythm, but then used AliveCor’s ideas for its own purposes and tried to monopolize the US market for such applications with their help. The Oakland District Court in California ruled that Apple was not proven guilty in this case. Accordingly, the prosecution failed to prove that Apple violated American antitrust laws. The company now retains the ability to improve heart rate monitoring through its smart devices and accompanying apps. AliveCor intends to appeal and expresses strong disappointment with this court verdict.

A small Californian company managed to develop a special KardiaBand bracelet for the Apple Watch, which allows the Apple device to take an electrocardiogram. AliveCor has also developed the Kardia app for Apple smartwatches and the SmartRhythm app, which uses an artificial intelligence system to analyze a user’s heart rate. AliveCor has not given up its plans to file a separate patent infringement lawsuit against Apple.

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