Starring Red Dead Redemption 2 and The Last of Us

Starring Red Dead Redemption 2 and The Last of Us, Martian thriller Fort Solis has a publisher – new release dates and screenshots

The developers of the sci-fi thriller Fort Solis come from the Polish Fallen Leaf Studio and the Italian studio Black Drakkar Games cleared the game’s release date and announced a partnership with the publisher.

    Image Source: Dear Villagers

Image Source: Dear Villagers

Remember, Fort Solis was unveiled at the Summer Game Fest 2022 Opening Ceremony last June and is expected to be released throughout 2023. As has been announced, the premiere for the PC version is planned for the summer (steam).

As publisher Dear Villagers took over the production of Fort Solis. The company found the game to be a unique blend of story-driven adventure, exploration, immersive Sim-style interactions, and an eerie atmosphere.

In the story, engineer Jack Leary must survive a long Martian night at the abandoned Fort Solis base and find out what happened to the employees and why the complex was built. No downloads, mounting glue and interface.

The cast of Fort Solis includes Roger Clark (Roger Clark) and Troy Baker (Troy Baker) – Arthur Morgan from RDR 2 and Joel from The Last of Us. They promise the consequences of choices, multiple endings and graphics on Unreal Engine 5.

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