Starfield themed Xbox Series X decorative packaging is available for

Starfield themed Xbox Series X decorative packaging is available for pre-order

Xbox introduces a new line of decorative cases for the series console

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

Decorative packaging is designed for Xbox users who want to give their console a unique look without having to buy special or limited editions of the device. There are three themes to choose from: the Starfield theme, which perfectly complements the recently released controllers and headphones in this series, and two camouflage options – Arctic Camo and Mineral Camo.

    Starfield style wrap

Starfield style wrap

The cases are specially designed for the Xbox Series X, so they are the perfect size and take into account all the features of the console. The ventilation slots remain open and the special feet allow free airflow. The wrapping materials are a combination of durable inserts and high-tech fabrics. The inside is decorated with a silicone pattern that prevents slipping.

    Camouflage option - Arctic Camo

Camouflage option – Arctic Camo

The Starfield-inspired design turns the console into an on-board module inspired by the game itself. This pack will be available October 18th in the US, Canada and Europe for $49.99.

    Camouflage version of the wrap - Mineral Camo

Camouflage version of the wrap – Mineral Camo

Camo wraps come in two versions: a neutral arctic camo and a light mineral camo with modern shades of blue and purple. Both variants will go on sale in the US and Canada on November 10th for $44.99, while Mineral Camo will also be available in Europe.

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