Starfield got a mod to play on potato PCs and

Starfield got a mod to play on “potato” PCs, and one player stuffed 20,000 potatoes into the ship’s cockpit

One of the most common user complaints about Starfield has been poor optimization. It was especially difficult for owners of weak PCs, but modder BulwarkHD is already in a hurry to help them.

    Image Source: Nexus Mods (BulwarkHD)

Image Source: Nexus Mods (BulwarkHD)

“Does your PC have 1 GB of video memory? Is it so old that your grandmother played Morrowind on it? Or do you just hate high-resolution textures and want to get rid of them? – it says in the description of the change.

The Starfield Potato Mode mod reduces the texture size in Starfield to 256, 128 or even 16 bits. According to BulwarkHD, the option will be useful for PC owners who appreciate any help or just want to have fun.

While Starfield Potato mode only affects textures, many of them are Comments on Nexus Mods thanked BulwarHD for their work and reported performance improvements. But at what cost:

On the other end of the PC “potatoness” spectrum is a Moozipan user with Redditwho presumably managed to squeeze his way into his ship’s cockpit at Starfield 20,000 potatoes without sacrificing performance.

When you open the cabin door (see video below), some of the fruit will fall out and realistically interact with the environment impressed even Digital Foundry specialist John Linneman.

Starfield is out today, September 6th, for PC (Steam, Microsoft Store), Xbox Series X and S, and Game Pass (PC and Xbox). Players greeted the novelty with “very positive” reviews and refunds after tens of hours of play.

time to let go
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