Star of Marvels Spider Man 2 told what to expect from

Star of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 told what to expect from the game in terms of scope and quality

US actor Yuri Lowenthal, who gave the voice to Peter Parker in the superhero action films Marvel’s Spider-Man and Miles Morales, in an interview with the portal comic movie talked about working on a sequel.

    Image source: PlayStation

Image source: PlayStation

Keep in mind that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 (that’s the name of the sequel) was unveiled at PlayStation Showcase 2021 in September 2021, and the release date was set in December 2022 – Fall 2023.

According to Lowenthal, Insomniac Games (the developer studio) is confident about the announced deadlines and doesn’t usually miss the planned deadlines, but the game isn’t ready for release at this point.

“I still have to do something. It’s a huge game and I still have some work to do… Obviously I can’t say much about the game, but it’s going to be great.”assured Löwenthal.

The actor added that Insomniac is aware of the responsibility: “They understand that they don’t have to do worse than the previous two games and they did it. I can’t wait for people to play [Marvel’s Spider-Man 2]».

In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Peter Parker and Miles Morales will (at least) face off against Venom as their versions of Spider-Man. The sequel is promised to be darker than the first part.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is set to release exclusively on PS5, although the previous two games have also been released on PC in addition to Sony’s latest console. It was previously reported that development is progressing at a good pace.

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