Square Enix didnt like the leak of information about the

Square Enix didn’t like the leak of information about the new Tomb Raider

Colin Moriarty, founder of gaming podcast network Last Stand Media reported on receiving a copyright infringement notice (DMCA) from Patreon related to its recent material about the next Tomb Raider.

    Image Credit: Square Enix

Image Credit: Square Enix

Recall that last weekend on the Sacred Symbols podcast, Moriarty revealed the details of a fragment of the script for the upcoming Tomb Raider that fell into his hands (the video also included a reading of the passage).

According to Moriarty, after it was published, Patreon’s administration approached him with a request that the infringing material be removed from the platform. Other services where this episode of Sacred Symbols is available were unaffected.

Moriarty is certain Square Enix was the source of the complaint. The Japanese publisher still owns the Crystal Dynamics studio and the Tomb Raider franchise, which it sold to holding Embracer Group.

According to the leak, the next Tomb Raider is codenamed Project Jawbreaker and will be an action-adventure game set in a modern world rocked by a mysterious cataclysm.

According to the plot, Lara Croft’s family dramas were left behind, but over the years the heroine began to suffer from loneliness. With a mysterious phenomenon, the protagonist supposedly has to deal with other grave robbers.

Officially, the new Tomb Raider is in development on the Unreal Engine 5. It was previously reported that the events of future games in the series will take place after the classic adventures of Lara.

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