Spotify is testing a podcast search feature in its app

Spotify is testing a podcast search feature in its app

Last summer, Spotify acquired podcast search platform Podz for about $50 million. Developers are now testing one of the tech startup’s features to help Spotify users discover new podcasts they might like.

    Image Credit: Bryce Durbin / Techcrunch

Image Credit: Bryce Durbin / Techcrunch

First, the service Podz tried to create a podcast search function with the help of the so-called “the first audio newsfeed”, which shows users 60-second clips from various shows that can be scrolled vertically, similar to TikTok videos. What set Podz apart from its competitors was that the service didn’t rely on podcast writers to create show snippets. Instead, an AI algorithm was used that automatically selected posts to show to users.

At the time of purchasing the Podz service, it was reported that Spotify intends to leverage the startup’s developments to give users the ability to personalize their application’s search for podcasts. It seems that soon it will be clear what has become of it. At the moment the mentioned feature is available for a limited number of users and when it will be able to spread further is unknown.

To interact with the new feature, you need to navigate to the Podcasts section at the bottom of the interface. This will open a feed of 60-second snippets from various shows that supports vertical scrolling. From this menu the user can listen to the full version of the audio recording and add the shows he likes to his library.


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