Spotify drops Car View support

In 2019, the popular music service Spotify launched Car View, which allowed users to interact with the platform without distraction from driving. Now it has been announced that this mode will no longer be available to users. A tech support employee recommended using the voice assistants Google Assistant or Apple Siri to interact with the service.

Image Source: Photo Mix / Pixabay

Image Source: Photo Mix / Pixabay

The Car View mode allowed interaction with the Spotify service in the car. The visual user interface was stripped of many distractions, such as menu buttons and album art. Instead, large buttons appeared on the screen, allowing you to pause and resume playback, as well as switch between tracks. Despite the fact that this mode was quite popular among users, the developers decided to abandon its further support.

A Spotify spokesperson said the company “Is actively exploring many new ways to provide the best in-car music experience.”, and also added that the removal of some functions is necessary for “Freeing up space for new innovations”… This approach is reasonable, but it doesn’t justify removing a really useful feature without providing some kind of replacement.

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