Space Tail an adventure platformer about an astronaut dog has

Space Tail, an adventure platformer about an astronaut dog, has been announced

Developers Enjoy Studio and publisher Longterm Games have announced Space Tail, an adventurous 2.5D platformer that tells the story of an astronaut dog.

    Image Source: Steam

Image Source: Steam

The announcement itself is accompanied by a gameplay trailer in which a fearless dog named Bea, dressed in a space suit, explores locations, interacts with various mechanisms and life forms.

“Bea is a fun and brave character, but the player needs to remember that she’s just… a dog. She has all the characteristics of a mixed breed – she barks, loves to chase her own tail and learns about the world through her senses. Bea can smell, listen and observe”– the developers themselves describe their hero.

The authors said that precisely this ability of Bea to smell, listen and observe is a key mechanic of the detective mode, which will help the heroine to explore and understand the surroundings.

Bea will travel through space and discover new planets. Each planet is unique and inhabited by its specific inhabitants, who can either befriend the main character or be very unfriendly towards her.

Space Tail is coming to PC this fallsteam), the exact date will be announced later.

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