Space simulator Star Citizen has already raised over 442 million

Space simulator Star Citizen has already raised over $442 million

The space simulator Star Citizen continues to be actively funded by players. long-term construction filled up several hundred thousand more “Star Citizens”, and the sum of funds raised now exceeds $442 million.

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Last November we reported that Star Citizen raised over $400 million. At that time, the number of “star citizens” (people who supported the project with money) exceeded 3.36 million. Since then, the game has received another $42 million, contributed by just over 237,000 people – now the number of “Star Citizens” is 3,597,934.

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Interestingly, the amount continues to grow given that Cloud Imperium Games has significantly simplified the Star Citizen roadmap. Now the developer studio does not indicate any long-term plans on the site share view, but only those one block ahead. The main progress of the project creation is given in the section progress tracker.

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A release date for Star Citizen is not yet known. Fundraising for the game began in October 2012. Also in development is a single-player game set in the same universe – Squadron 42. It was supposed to be released back in 2016, but the creation of the project was delayed: as Cloud Imperium Games said, the release will be in at least a year or two.


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