South Korea will become the leader in chip production equipment

South Korea will become the leader in chip production equipment purchases in 2026

Industry association SEMI shares some sources’ concerns about chipmakers cutting capital spending this year. According to the association’s experts, the cost of equipping companies to process 300mm silicon wafers will fall by 18% to $74 billion by the end of this year, but the market capacity is expected to reach $119 by 2026 rise billions, and South Korea will become the leader in purchasing equipment.

    Image source: Samsung Electronics

Image source: Samsung Electronics

Accordingly HALF300mm silicon wafer processing equipment will be sold worldwide this year for a total of $74 billion, down 18% from last year. In the next year, the cost of market participants will increase by 12% to $82 billion, in one year by 24% to $102 billion and the industry will end the year 2026 with a 17% increase in core costs to the record of close $119 billion.

According to SEMI management, the increase in these costs is being driven by increasing demand for 300mm silicon wafer processing equipment in both the custom chip manufacturing segment and the memory chip market. Regionally, South Korea’s spending this year will be capped at $15.7 billion, but it could nearly double to $30.2 billion in 2026, putting the country at the top of this indicator.

Taiwan, which currently tops the list, will spend $22.4 billion on core purchases this year, growing to just $23.8 billion by 2026, China will retain its third place this year and spending from $14.9 billion to $16.1 billion, and America will settle for $9.6 billion this year and $18.8 billion in 2026. It turns out that the desire of the United States to revive the domestic semiconductor industry will still put the corresponding continents in third place in spending on technological equipment.

The semiconductor contract sector is set to surpass all others in terms of equipment purchase spending in 2026, reaching $62.1 billion, a significant increase from the current $44.6 billion. 2.7 times compared to the current value of up to $42.9 billion. Obviously, the high concentration of memory production in South Korea will make the country rank first in device consumption in 2026. Analog component manufacturers will increase spending from $5 billion to $6.2 billion. In 2026, the cost of acquiring equipment for the production of microcontrollers, power electronics and optoelectronic components will decrease, for this more funds will be spent on production logic elements than before.

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