Sonys attempt to fix 50Hz PSOne games on PS4 and

Sony’s attempt to fix 50Hz PSOne games on PS4 and PS5 resulted in a nasty artifact

Sony Interactive Entertainment has released an update aimed at improving the situation with PlayStation One games on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 that used a 50Hz refresh rate and played at an awkward frame rate. The problem was solved, but another arose – an unpleasant plume effect.

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The updated PlayStation Plus subscription was recently launched in Asian regions. At the same time, games for PlayStation One and PlayStation Portable appeared on the PlayStation Store, which made it possible to test their work and draw certain conclusions. All PS1 games included in the service’s catalog were found to be European PAL versions. Even in regions where the video format is NTSC, including Taiwan. For this reason, all games were played with a frequency of 50 instead of 60 Hz.

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As a result, Sony Interactive Entertainment released an update for several PSOne games (Jumping Flash, Everybody’s Gold and Kurushi) intended to “improve” the PAL output. The patch increased the screen refresh rate in these projects to 60Hz, as well as the frame rate by adding missing frames and merging the existing ones. However, this led to the appearance of noticeable loops – the effect of “doubling” objects on the screen.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has not officially explained why they use PAL versions of their games. This is believed to be due to multiple language support.

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