Sony promises to hold 60 of the image sensor market

Sony promises to hold 60% of the image sensor market by 2025

While Sony controlled 53% of the market for image sensors for digital cameras and smartphones in fiscal 2019, that number fell to 43% last fiscal year. By mid-decade, the company expects to capture at least 60% of the market and hold its positions.

    Image source: Sony

Image source: Sony

In addition, Sony will not stop actively developing new image processing technologies. For example, submitted Recently, Octa PD has enabled the camera to focus on multiple subjects at once when shooting against the sun. Now, Sony’s position in the image sensor segment is being threatened by rivals – Samsung, for example, has 18.5% of the market, and the Chinese Galaxy Core is pushing Sony into the cheaper smartphone segment. In the automotive segment, the position of American OmniVision Technologies is strong.

Sony will also increase production capacity. The bulk of 2022’s $3.5 billion in investment will go to the semiconductor segment, up 35% year over year. A new image sensor manufacturing facility in Nagasaki, which the company opened in 2021, began expanding in May this year. Omdia estimates that the image sensor market will grow 34% to $25.1 billion over the next four years. A significant chunk of that will be taken up by smartphone components, sales of which will rise 37% to $20.1 billion. Although the smartphone market itself has shrunk in recent months, competition for camera functionality is only intensifying.

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