Sony PlayStation 5 has doubled the sales of Xbox Series

Sony PlayStation 5 has doubled the sales of Xbox Series X and S

At the end of 2023, sales of the Sony PlayStation 5 were approximately twice as high as those of the Xbox Series X and S. The publisher of the Grand Theft Auto series, Take-Two, shared this data with investors last Thursday during its quarterly financial report.

  Image source: Kerde Severin /

Image source: Kerde Severin /

In a presentation to investors, the company said that as of December 31, it had sold 77 million current-generation consoles. Data representing combined PS5 and Xbox Series X/S sales was obtained from IDG Consulting, Newzoo and the Entertainment Software Association. The current gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft were released in November 2020. Microsoft did not provide exact sales data for the Xbox Series X/S, but Sony reported that on December 9, 2023, PS5 sales exceeded 50 million.

  Image Source: Take-Two

Image Source: Take-Two

Assuming that Sony managed to sell another 1.34 million consoles by the end of the month, and Take-Two’s data is accurate, then the PS5 would double the sales of the Xbox Series X/S by the end of 2023. At the end of December, the research company Ampere Analysis reported that the PS5 had a threefold superiority over the Xbox Series X/S in terms of sales. Previously, Microsoft openly admitted that it “lost the console wars”, consistently maintaining third place behind PlayStation and Nintendo since the release of the original Xbox in 2001.

Insufficient sales of Microsoft consoles have given rise to rumors that the company plans to expand the catalog of its games on competing platforms: Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of ​​Thieves may be released on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, and Starfield and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle on PlayStation.


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