Sony and Nintendo consoles will be in short supply throughout

Sony and Nintendo consoles will be in short supply throughout 2022 due to semiconductor shortages

Officials from Sony and Nintendo said they expect there will still be shortages of gaming consoles in 2022. The main reason was the lack of semiconductor components for the manufacture of devices, writes the Wall Street Journal.

    Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa commented: “there is no end in sight to the shortage of semiconductorsThe company lowered its sales forecast from 23 million to 21 million set-top boxes (down 8.6%), but these forecasts are not definitive. The company’s net income is expected to be $2.6 billion below previous forecasts lie.

Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki said the company plans to sell 18 million consoles this fiscal year. That number is down 20.3% from the original forecast of 22.6 million units. Totoki also hinted that the situation could get worse if China tightens quarantine measures. Forecasts for the coming financial year are not yet available.

Remember that in January 2022 a new outbreak of the coronavirus began in China. For this reason, the country’s authorities have implemented strict quarantine in some regions. One of the hardest hit cities was Shanghai, which is most associated with overseas business.


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