Sonos Acoustics stops playing local files from Android devices via

Sonos Acoustics stops playing local files from Android devices via proprietary application

Sonos announced that starting May 23, 2023, its products will no longer be able to play locally stored files on Android devices via a proprietary application that delivers sound without loss of quality.

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Sonos speakers are valued for their direct support for streaming music services, as well as the ability to play locally stored files, including lossless formats, via line-in, Bluetooth, AirPlay, and from network attached storage (NAS). However, playing files from Android devices in full quality via the proprietary Sonos application no longer works. As an alternative, the manufacturer recommended uploading materials to streaming platforms such as YouTube Music or purchasing a NAS.

The apparently unpopular decision comes amid a lawsuit between Sonos and Google over the search giant’s alleged infringement of wireless audio technology patents. However, the official version does not seem to have any connection with the procedure. “Sometimes when new versions of mobile operating systems are released, the way information is transferred between devices changes, and this function is no longer compatible with new versions of the Android operating system.”says in the support area of ​​the Sonos website.

It’s worth noting that the Sonos Android app made it possible to play files stored locally on the device with no loss of quality – support for streaming over Bluetooth is going nowhere. And lovers of high-quality sound have to be content with a line-in or take care of purchasing a NAS.


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