Songs of Glimmerwick by the authors of Eastshade sends players

Songs of Glimmerwick, by the authors of Eastshade, sends players to a magical musicians’ college

Independent American studio Eastshade, which released the eponymous adventure about a traveling artist in 2019, announced his next project, the magical role-playing game Songs of Glimmerwick.

Image Credit: Eastshade Studios

Image Credit: Eastshade Studios

Songs of Glimmerwick is set in a forested fantasy world called Glimmerwick. The region is best known for its magic university, where the main character is admitted.

The main feature of magic in Songs of Glimmerwick is that music allows you to create spells. Ancient songs make gardening easier and also help you explore all corners of the island.

Flute and songbook in hand, the Songs of Glimmerwick protagonist will attend after-school classes and clubs, make friends, and uncover the curiosities and mysteries of Glimmerwick.

The announced announcement trailer for Songs of Glimmerwick (attached above) is approximately two minutes long and showcases the main features of the game, including gameplay.

The developers of Songs of Glimmerwick promise, among other things, narrative quests, magic jokes, the ability to tend the university garden, full voice acting, customization of the heroine’s appearance, and optional activities.

Songs of Glimmerwick is slated for release sometime in 2023. Eastshade Studios will release the game on PC (steam) and consoles (which are not specified at this time).


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