Some users have been losing files from Google Drive for

Some users have been losing files from Google Drive for several months – the company has launched an investigation

Google Drive cloud storage users are experiencing loss of access to their files. There are reports of complete disappearance of files from the cloud service, loss of access to files, and other cloud storage issues. Google is currently investigating the incident and attempting to resolve the issue. Additionally, Google recommends victims not to make any changes to Google Drive.

According to reports on YCombinator’s Hacker News forum, a user in South Korea was the first to contact Google’s support website claiming that all of his files created after May 2023 had disappeared from his hard drive. However, they are not available in folders or in the Trash. The folder structure was also “reset” to the status from May 2023. Additionally, the person claims that he never shared his files or service authentication credentials with anyone. This eliminates the possibility that the original owner of the files deleted them or that someone they knew did so. The user followed several steps to try to recover the lost data, but so far these steps did not produce the desired result: Google was unable to solve the problem.

Company officials said they have already begun investigating the incident and have received reports from Google Drive users who experienced similar issues. At the same time, a statement from Google representatives clearly states that you should not try to restore Google Drive yourself: “We also advise against making any changes to the root directory and data folders while we wait for instructions from our engineers on further action

Other users of the cloud service have now joined the complaints and opened further support threads. One of them reports that he completely lost several key elements on his “disk”, which had not previously been transferred to anyone, but were not visible either in the trash or during attempts to edit them. Another victim described an issue where he could only see folders and subfolders on his drive, but not the files themselves.

It should be noted that the cause of the problem cannot be determined from the reports. It’s unclear whether the files disappeared from the web version of Google Drive or while using the app, or just from synced folders on computers. Victims may not have checked all possible locations where their files could end up. But even in this case it turns out that something is wrong with the hard drive.

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