Solid Power supports BMW in the development of solid state batteries

Solid Power supports BMW in the development of solid-state batteries – pilot production will start later this year

The Bavarian car giant BMW has decided to accelerate the development of solid-state batteries by launching production of its prototypes together with the American company Solid Power. The basis for the cooperation between the two companies will be the car manufacturer’s research center in Munich.

    Image source: the blowup /

Image source: the blowup /

Trial production of new generation batteries will begin in the first half of this year – the aim of the first phase is to create batteries with sufficient capacity to be tested in electric vehicles before 2025, said Peter Lamp, head of research and development at the Batteries area. .

Solid Power has established cooperation not only with BMW, but also with Ford – both companies are also its investors, and if solid-state batteries achieve their goals, the company will become a supplier for its partners.

Today, dozens of manufacturers are searching for the “holy grail” in the battery world – solid-state batteries that can help extend EV range, reduce charging times, and reduce fire risk and costs. The technology is expected to be on the market by the end of the decade, but it is currently being actively developed in labs.

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