Solana blockchain hack linked to Slope mobile wallet

Solana blockchain hack linked to Slope mobile wallet

The day before it became known that due to a certain vulnerability, funds began to disappear from the wallets of users connected to the Solana blockchain. The attackers carried out the theft of assets using the private keys of the Solana and USD Coin cryptocurrency owners. According to the findings of the investigation, the incident was linked to accounts related to the Slope mobile wallet.

    Image source: Reto Scheiwiller /

Image source: Reto Scheiwiller /

Slope Finance Service, which bills itself as “The easiest way to open Web3 applications from a safe place”released expression, in which he recommended all his users to create new wallets with new keywords and transfer all their assets there. The statement said the funds were stolen from wallets owned by Slope employees – only hardware solutions not connected to the internet were unaffected.

The administration of the service did not elaborate on the nature of the attack, but there is one executionthat the company’s applications transmit users’ private keys unencrypted when registering and transmitting telemetry data. Solana indirectly Approved this version stating that “Key secret information was accidentally leaked to the application monitoring service”and also stressed that there is no evidence of any compromise of the protocol or encryption of the blockchain.

The developers of the wallet are of the same opinion. phantom: According to their version, problems arose after exporting or importing accounts to Solana – as a way out, they also recommended starting new wallets with different registration data.

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