Socket LGA 1700 for Intel Alder Lake showed up in

Socket LGA 1700 for Intel Alder Lake showed up in the photo

A photo of the LGA 1700 processor socket, codenamed 15R1, has been posted on the Chinese forum Bilibili, which is intended for upcoming 12th generation Intel Core desktop chips. The image shows that the new connector is longer than the current LGA 1200, but has the same width. The new socket will not take up more space on the motherboard as Intel has been able to reduce the size of the locking mechanism.

Image source: VideoCardz

Image source: VideoCardz

The LGA 1700 processor socket will be used not only by Alder Lake-S processors, but also by the 13th generation of Core chips, the Raptor Lake-S family, which will be their successors. It is not yet known whether the company plans to use the same socket with the 14th generation Core processors of the Meteor Lake family.

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The LGA-17XX / LGA-18XX marking on the connector suggests the possibility of having more than 1800 contact pads. At the same time, it is known that Alder Lake processors have only 1,700 pins.

Recall that Alder Lake processors will differ from their predecessors in the height of the metal cover, which will require manufacturers of cooling systems to adapt existing cooling solutions using new mounting mechanisms. Many of the companies have already confirmed their intention to release mounting kits and provide them free of charge to their customers. Most high-performance cooling systems, especially those designed to work with Intel Core-X series processors, are already equipped with large contact pads that cover the entire area of ​​the chip heat-spreader cover, so they are well suited for new products.

Intel LGA 1700 Socket Specifications

Intel LGA 1700 Socket Specifications

Based on the above, the LGA 1700 socket will be equipped not only with Intel 600 motherboards, but also with the 700 series, which are expected along with the announcement of the 13th generation of Core processors. According to rumors, the latter will offer more processing cores, an optimized cache memory stack, and support for RAM with higher operating frequencies.


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