Social network X will try to combat bots with mandatory

Social network X will try to combat bots with mandatory subscriptions

The former Twitter company’s experiments with paid subscriptions to combat spam and misinformation continue unabated. Rumors have already appeared on the Internet that the pricing policy of started Another experiment that charges all users $1 per year.

    Image source: X

Image source: X

More specifically, such a fee is intended to be paid by those who want to post information on X-sites, for example, respond to messages and share links. So far, the experiment has been launched for users in New Zealand and the Philippines, but if successful, it can be expanded to the entire target group of Elon Musk’s social network. The program was named Not A Bot. It is believed that the Philippines was chosen as a test location due to the relatively high activity of fake account holders.

New users in the specified regions are required to purchase a $1 annual subscription. This experiment will not impact existing users. Apparently the management of Even users who have not registered or subscribed can read news and view information on X-pages. New users in New Zealand and the Philippines are asked to either sign up for an annual subscription for $1 per year or pay $7.99 per month to gain access to premium services, including account authentication.

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