Snapchat won the most from Facebook outages

According to online sources, recent problems in the work of Facebook’s services, due to which the social network of the same name, the Instagram platform and the WhatsApp messenger did not work for six hours, played into the hands of competitors, but Snapchat won more than others. According to the available data, user interaction time with the Snapchat app increased by more than 20% during the crash.

Image: Bloomberg

Image: Bloomberg

According to Facebook, incorrect configuration of backbone routers was the cause of the long-term failure of the company’s services. However, during the downtime, the users of the company’s services, which have a database of about 2.7 billion people around the world, had to look for something to do with themselves, due to which the competitors of the IT giant won. According to the Sensor Tower platform, the time users of Android version of Snapchat spent on the app on Monday increased by 23% compared to a week ago.

The failure of Facebook services also led to an increase in the user audience of other competitors, such as Signal, Telegram, Twitter, TikTok. For example, the founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, said that on Monday the number of users of the service increased by 70 million people. Telegram became the most downloaded free app in the App Store in 40 countries, overtaking another competitor in the face of Signal, which became the most downloaded in Poland and entered the top 10 most downloaded applications in 35 more markets.

Image: Sensor Tower

Image: Sensor Tower

WhatsApp rivals such as Telegram and Signal, which visually and in terms of available features resemble Facebook messenger, expand their user base every time the world’s most popular messaging service runs into technical problems. So it’s no surprise that six hours of idle time on WhatsApp has once again helped its competitors grow their user base.

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