Smartwatch Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will be able to measure

Smartwatch Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will be able to measure the user’s temperature

This year, Samsung is expected to release a new smartwatch Galaxy Watch 5. According to the resource ETNews, the novelty will be presented in August. Keep in mind that the previous model of smartwatches, Galaxy Watch 4, was announced in August last year, so the timing of the Galaxy Watch 5 presentation seems quite plausible.

Image source: Samsung

Image source: Samsung

According to ETNews, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 smartwatch will get a thermometer function to measure the user’s body temperature. This feature allows you to detect early signs of COVID-19 infection. It will also help track other infections as well as ovulation cycles. Samsung has reportedly developed technology that can accurately measure body temperature despite the influence of external factors such as direct sunlight and movement.

The ETNews post claims that Samsung is also planning to add a thermometer function to the next-gen Galaxy Buds. Apparently, they will use technology that will allow infrared radiation emitted by the eardrum to measure temperature.

Samsung Electronics has focused on expanding its wearable product portfolio this year and is targeting double-digit year-over-year sales growth. Wearables are crucial to the company’s revenue growth as the growth rate of wearables market is much faster than that of smartphones.


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