Smartphones with 5G have occupied more than half of the

Smartphones with 5G have occupied more than half of the market – the most popular being the Apple iPhone

The new 5G-enabled iPhones have helped the smartphone market reach a major milestone. The fact is that in January this year, devices with 5G support accounted for more than half of global smartphone sales, which happened for the first time.

Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

This is confirmed by data from Counterpoint Research, whose experts calculated that the share of sales from 5G smartphones was 51% in January. 5G infrastructure is considered a key enabler for advanced technologies such as autonomous driving and factory automation. One of the fastest growing 5G markets is China. According to the local regulator, 600,000 5G base stations will be deployed in China this year, bringing the total to over 2 million units.

Chinese smartphone makers are driving the accelerated adoption of cutting-edge technology. As of January this year, Xiaomi and Vivo brands each accounted for 11% of the total number of 5G smartphones sold, and Oppo devices accounted for another 10%. At the same time, most smartphones were sold in the home market. At the same time, Apple’s share of global 5G smartphone shipments in January was 37%. South Korea’s Samsung, which became the first company to launch 5G-enabled devices in 2019, captured 12% of the market.

Image source: Counterpoint Research

Image source: Counterpoint Research

Earlier this month, Apple unveiled the new 5G-enabled iPhone SE, which costs about half the price of the company’s other smartphones. It’s also about half the price of flagship 5G Android smartphones. Most likely, the launch of the new iPhone SE will help Apple consolidate its leadership position in the global 5G smartphone market.



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