Smart gamers learned from the Steam Beta update how to

Smart gamers learned from the Steam Beta update how to use the built-in notepad to give themselves an edge in CS:GO

As soon as Valve released an update of the in-game overlay for the beta version of the Steam client, particularly clever gamers immediately found a useful application for the new feature in the online shooter CS:GO.

    Image Source: Valve

Image Source: Valve

Recall that the Steam “Beta” update included, among other things, a built-in notepad feature, the notes of which can be fixed on the screen over the game (the transparency of the notes is adjustable), even when the overlay is collapsed.

Valve wanted to give users the ability to use this tool to write down reminders, tasks, or door codes, but players found a way to use notes to add a sniper rifle point to CS:GO.

The crosshair is not shown when using a sniper rifle in CS:GO, but its role is leads a translucent note with a * in the middle of the screen – makes it easier to aim and perform “know-scopes” (killing an enemy without a scope).

    Image Source: Reddit (reddeaded1)

Image Source: Reddit (reddeaded1)

It is worth noting that the notes from the Steam beta are not the first version of an improvised sight for sniper rifles in Counter-Strike: the same effect can be obtained thanks to a bug with the in-game console or the software of some monitors .

As noted by the portal PC gamerThis feature of Steam’s built-in notepad is unlikely to be left to Valve: after all, the feature serves to gain an unintended advantage in your own game.

CS:GO is currently in its final months. In the summer, the shooter will be updated (the upgrade will be free) to Counter-Strike 2 on the Source 2 engine. They promise map processing, a sub-teak structure, dynamic smoke and other improvements.

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