“Smart collar” Xiaomi HiPee Smart Health Neckband will help correct posture

The digital era has brought not only new opportunities, but also challenges – electronics users often suffer from curvature of posture and neck pain. This is compounded by the shift to telecommuting during a pandemic. Health problems will partially help solve the “smart collar” developed in the Xiaomi ecosystem.

Image source: Xiaomi

Image source: Xiaomi

On the crowdfunding platform, Xiaomi Youpin has released a new product HiPee Smart Health Neckband. The plastic collar monitors and helps to correct the posture for as long as the user wishes. This is supposed to help avoid back and neck pain.

Poor posture and head tilt to the display usually result from unconscious movements that are almost impossible to correct by “willpower”. The smart collar will notify the user every time they take the wrong position.

Image source: Xiaomi

Image source: Xiaomi

HiPee Smart Health Neckband uses an artificial intelligence algorithm that analyzes the user’s posture change: forward, backward, left, right, etc., reminding them to take the correct posture when working at a computer or using a smartphone.

In addition, the HiPee Smart Health Neckband has a set of “somatosensory” games for light workouts. A high-precision motion sensor will be able to recognize changes in body position, direction and angle of change in posture, while the corresponding data is transmitted to game applications, allowing you to interact with the avatar in the virtual world.

Image source: Xiaomi

Image source: Xiaomi

The collar is able to connect to the WeChat APP via Bluetooth. During the day, the time spent in the “wrong” postures and other data that can help correct posture are recorded.

The model costs about $ 47, but it can be purchased for $ 31 before the end of the “crowdfunding” period. It is worth noting that such options have been on sale for quite some time, so the Xiaomi collar is not the only offer on the market.

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