Skyblivion is coming More than four hours of gameplay of

Skyblivion is coming: More than four hours of gameplay of the fan remake of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on the Skyrim engine has been released

A team of TESRenewal enthusiasts has hosted a gameplay demo on YouTube of their massive Skyblivion modification that will bring The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion RPG to the Skyrim engine.

    Image source: TESRenewal

Image source: TESRenewal

During a four and a half hour broadcast, the creators showed locations (the cities of Cheydinhal and Leyawiin, the sanctuary and kingdom of Peryite, Weynon Priory, etc.), an in-game map, various equipment, quests and battles.

In addition, during the demonstration, the authors confirmed that Skyblivion will have underwater battles (it wasn’t in Skyrim) and followers. In addition, the modification has already been tested for compatibility with Steam Deck.

The developers also warned that Skyblivion is still in production, so some of its elements are not fully finished (e.g. the city of Chorrol). There were also crashes and texture loading during the stream.

Skyblivion will be available no later than 2025 (the team admits it can handle it sooner). TESRenewal will replicate Cyrodiil in its entirety with all quests and characters.

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