Skillbox and Neiry used a neural interface to select a

Skillbox and Neiry used a neural interface to select a profession

The Skillbox educational platform, together with the biotech laboratory Neiry, used a neural interface for career advice for the first time. The new technology uses data from the brain’s electrical activity to measure human behavior patterns. The neural interface was first tested at the EdCrunch educational conference. The participants in the analysis were guests of the event. The study found that most people are predisposed to jobs such as UX/UI designer, accountant, marketplace manager, business analyst, test engineer and cybersecurity specialist.

The classic method of career guidance, which determines the candidate’s dispositions and abilities, includes a testing methodology, as well as further reflection in the format of a conversation with a specialist. Skillbox and Neiry conducted tests with a neural interface for the first time. This technology makes it possible to analyze the electrical activity of the brain and obtain additional information about a person’s predisposition and potential.

Neurointerface measures brain rhythms, including individual alpha frequency measurements genetically innate characteristics of brain activity. The latter is in the range of 7 to 13 Hz for different people and is an individual behavior pattern of a person, based on which one can draw conclusions about the predisposition to different types of specialist areas. People with the lowest frequencies in the alpha range show more originality and creativity in solving non-standard problems. And people with high frequencies are more rational and productive in technical fields.

“The individual alpha peak frequency is an innate characteristic of a human being. Everyone has their own unique, like a fingerprint. Knowing our frequency can help us better understand why some of us constantly switch between different tasks and topics, while others prefer to delve deeper into a particular area. Knowledge of innate predisposition to certain types of tasks helps a person choose the most suitable profession. This way there will be fewer unhappy people in the world and more talented professionals.” said Alexander Panov, CEO of Neiry.

The parameters of a person’s predisposition to certain actions are conventionally divided into large blocks: creator, manager, geek. Based on this information, a person’s profile is created. The Skillbox team has selected 18 popular careers in programming, design and management on the platform. Each of the disciplines is suitable for one or another profile depending on the scope of skills. For example, an alpha peak of 7 Hz characterizes a person as a creator. Based on this information, careers such as graphic designer, interior designer and advertising illustrator were recommended to him.

During the test, the user puts on a neural interface (headband or headphones with electrodes that read an electroencephalogram) that is connected to a computer. Neiry devices, which are portable neural amplifiers, were used for measurements at the conference.

To carry out the study effectively, the user must then close their eyes, relax and try not to think about anything for 30 seconds to allow the neural interface to calibrate and adjust to the individual pattern of brain activity and produce results.

In total, more than 140 people took measurements. Everyone received information about various parameters of predisposition to certain actions. Based on this data, test participants were offered the 5 most relevant Skillbox professions. The most popular specialties were: UX/UI Designer, Accountant, Marketplace Manager, Business Analyst, Test Engineer and Cybersecurity Specialist.

“We see great potential in the development and improvement of career counseling methods and do not stop at our desire to help a person better recognize themselves, their wishes and needs. In this case, the choice of profession is made consciously and the result of training corresponds to the imaginary picture. This year we have already launched the first comprehensive product on the market – the career orientation course “Who Will Be?”. It helps to clarify a person’s internal motivation and develop their professional competence. In the future, the self-diagnosis process will become even more precise through the use of technology, so that students can feel in demand in their careers and simply happy at the end of the day.” – shared Natalya Vlodavskaya, Director of Customer Experience at Skillbox.

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