SK hynix has developed the worlds fastest storage HBM3E

SK hynix has developed the world’s fastest storage – HBM3E with a speed of 1.15 TB/s

SK Hynix announced that it has developed HBM3E memory, the next generation of high-speed random access memory (DRAM) for high-performance computing and in particular for the field of AI. According to the company, this memory is the most powerful in the world and is currently being reviewed and tested by SK hynix customers.

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HBM (High Bandwidth Memory) is a high-speed memory that is a stack of multiple vertically connected DRAM chips that offers a significant increase in data processing speed compared to traditional DRAM chips. HBM3E is an upgraded version of the fifth generation HBM3 memory that replaces the previous generations: HBM, HBM2, HBM2E and HBM3.

SK hynix emphasizes that the successful development of the HBM3E was made possible by the company’s experience as the sole mass manufacturer of the HBM3. The HBM3E is scheduled to begin mass production in the first half of next year, cementing the company’s leadership position in the AI ​​storage market.

According to SK hynix, the new product not only meets the highest industry standards in terms of speed, an important memory parameter for AI tasks, but also in other categories, including capacity, heat dissipation and ease of use. The HBM3E is capable of processing data at speeds of up to 1.15 TB/s, which is the equivalent of transferring more than 230 full-length Full HD resolution movies at 5 GB per second.

In addition, the HBM3E features 10% better heat dissipation thanks to the advanced Advanced Mass Reflow Molded Underfill (MR-MUF2) technology. The new memory also offers backwards compatibility, so it can be used in existing accelerators built under HBM3.

We have a long history of working with SK hynix on high-bandwidth storage for advanced accelerated computing solutions. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with HBM3E to create the next generation of AI computing.said Ian Buck, Vice President of Hyperscale and High Performance Computing at NVIDIA.

Sungsoo Ryu, head of DRAM product planning at SK hynix, emphasized that the company has strengthened its market position by expanding its HBM product line, which is in the spotlight as AI technology develops.

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