Size Matters Elite Dangerous players have explored less than 1

Size Matters: Elite: Dangerous players have explored less than 1% of the galaxy in the eight years since launch

Space is really huge. Users were able to appreciate the extent of extraterrestrial space in Elite: Dangerous space simulator thanks to fresh statistics from developers of British studio Frontier Developments.

    Image source: Frontier Developments

Image source: Frontier Developments

On the homepage Elite: Dangerous official website The makers boast that they have created about 400 billion star systems on a 1:1 scale with our Milky Way.

As it turns out, in the eight years since its release, there have been Elite: Dangerous users who have been numerous nearly 18 million peopleexplored only a fraction of the in-game galaxy – 0.059% (236,219,997 systems).

Similar Frontier stats released Early last year – until January 20, 2022, the value was 0.05% (222,083,678) of the entire galaxy. Since then, players have only opened 14,136,319 more systems (0.009%).

In response to the depressing statistics, players expressed their willingness to continue exploring space in Elite: Dangerous and began sharing their own achievements: some players personally discovered tens of thousands of systems.

Some users noted that if the developers of Elite: Dangerous hadn’t canceled the console version of the Odyssey add-on in March 2022, the galaxy explored percentage could have been higher.

The release version of Elite: Dangerous debuted on PC in December 2014, came out on Xbox One in 2015 and on PlayStation 4 in 2017. Currently, only the PC version of the game will receive new content.

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