Siri taught to close and open Tesla windows and doors

Siri taught to close and open Tesla windows and doors, and turn on biological weapons protection

The latest version of the official Tesla app gained support for Shortcuts functionality, which means that some EV-related tasks can now be performed via commands for the voice assistant Siri: open and close doors, trunk and windows – even Bioweapon Protection Mode enable, the resource reported. No Tesla app.

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Function links support automation scripts, which means they can be grouped together or run on a schedule. For example, you can create an emergency mode where the car closes windows and doors, flashes lights, and emits beeps. Or you can automatically warm up the interior every morning before work.

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The list of available features is quite extensive and most drivers will not need some of them. Integration with other voice assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant is not yet available and Tesla has not yet announced any plans to implement it. Although voice control will make it much easier for an electric car owner to control some functions, with an iPhone you no longer have to wade through sections of the application.

It is worth noting that the new features of the mobile application do not mean that the voice interface will also be available on the Tesla vehicles themselves – it is still available on Mercedes and Volvo vehicles in particular.


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