Single player Star Citizen wont be out for a year

Single player Star Citizen won’t be out for a year or two, but developers are already planning sequels

Cloud Imperium Games COO Carl Jones in an interview with the magazine MCV / Develop spoke about the timing of the long-awaited single player Squadron 42 campaign.

Image source: Cloud Imperium Games

Image source: Cloud Imperium Games

Remember, Squadron 42 is a story mode of the Star Citizen crowdfunding space simulator. The project was announced back in 2014, but there is no release in sight yet.

According to Jones, the head of Cloud Imperium Games, Chris Roberts, is now spending more time with the Squadron 42 team, which should have a positive effect on the pace of development.

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“Hopefully this will allow us to finish Squadron 42 faster. We want to finish the game, but we won’t recognize it as done until it’s done. “said Jones.

Despite the acceleration of development, according to Jones, there will still be a year or two before Squadron 42 is released. At the same time, Cloud Imperium Games is already planning “Sequel and sequels” lonely adventure.

As for Star Citizen, it will have to wait even longer: Cloud Imperium Games’ Manchester office won’t be fully functional until 2027 – by then, says Jones, the studio will be over “Very Large MMORPG”

Funding for Star Citizen began in October 2012 with a Kickstarter campaign but continues to this day. In June 2020, the total amount donated exceeded $ 300 million and in November 2021, it exceeded $ 400 million.

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