SilverStone Unveils Flagship ALTA F2 Cases with Oblique GPU Mounting and

SilverStone Unveils Flagship ALTA-F2 Cases with Oblique GPU Mounting and Prices Under $1,000

SilverStone introduced the flagship ALTA F2 computer case. The novelty has a unique interior design that ensures maximum cooling efficiency of the components.

    Image source: SilverStone

Image source: SilverStone

The mainboard tray of the SilverStone ALTA F2 is rotated 90 degrees. This view has the motherboard I/O ports facing up. At the bottom of the novelty are three 180mm Air Penetrator 184i PRO fans that blow almost all components of the system.

The SilverStone ALTA F2 case offers three ways to install a graphics card. In the first case, it is proposed to simply install it in the PCIe x16 slot on the motherboard. Therefore, its external video outputs are directed upwards. In addition, the graphics card can be installed on the side, then the ports are also directed upwards, but the graphics card cooling fans are turned to the side wall of the case.

The third option suggested is to install the graphics card in such a way that its video outputs are directed towards the back of the case. In this case, the graphics card itself is at an angle of 11 degrees relative to the motherboard.

The lower part of the case is almost completely unoccupied to ensure maximum airflow from three 180mm fans working for intake. However, there are also four combo slots for 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch drives on the bottom.

Three additional slots for 2.5″ drives are located along the motherboard tray. Also in the front of the case are cages for installing four 3.5-inch drives. The case offers a total of 17 expansion slots: nine along the mainboard tray, four angled and four more on the back.

Behind the front panel of the SilverStone ALTA F2, you can install two 120mm or two 140mm fans for intake, four 120mm or one 140mm fan for top exhaust, and three 180mm fans for exhaust pre-install the inlet at the bottom. The novelty supports the installation of SZhO radiators with sizes up to 280 mm in front, up to 480 mm from above and up to 560 mm from below.

The case supports graphics cards up to 14 inches in length with video outputs facing up. If the connections are directed towards the back of the case, up to 60.4 cm of space in length is reserved for the graphics card. You can also install power supplies up to a length of 22 cm and CPU coolers up to a height of 20.5 cm.

The SilverStone ALTA F2 measures 261 x 576 x 658 mm and weighs 21.14 kg.

The case will go on sale in Asian markets next week. It will reach the US by mid-May and European markets by the end of the month. Depending on the sales region, the expected cost will be between $900 and $1000.


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