Silicon carbon batteries in HONOR smartphones are already a reality

Silicon-carbon batteries in HONOR smartphones are already a reality

I can’t say that progress in the field of mobile phones has been going on at a frantic pace in recent years – the technology is somewhat stalled. But gadgets released in 2020, for example, still do not look so advantageous against the background of current ones: there is gradual progress in screens, and in the power of hardware platforms, and in the amount (and speed) of RAM, and also in a number of parameters. But one thing has remained unchanged for many years: despite endless talk about finding new solutions, lithium-polymer batteries are still installed on smartphones, just like 10 and 20 years ago. But HONOR seems to be breaking this sad tradition, breaking the stagnation.

For the first time, a new type of battery in HONOR smartphones became known about a year ago – in his presentation, the company’s CEO George Zhao revealed some details. But we know how long the paths for new technologies are from the first announcement to application in end devices. Sometimes it’s a journey that lasts forever. But then there were rumors that it was the new type of batteries that were installed on the company’s latest flagship, HONOR Magic5 Pro, albeit only on the Chinese market.

The first officially confirmed case of using silicon-carbon batteries was the foldable HONOR Magic V2, which is finally reaching the international market. In September last year, we were able to briefly get acquainted with this gadget, which immediately became the thinnest folding smartphone – and in six months no one managed to shake this championship. Of course, because one of the main reasons for such advantages was a new type of battery – especially compact and with increased capacity.

So, what is characteristic of the new type of battery? Firstly, this is, of course, the absence of lithium in the composition – yes, horror stories about the fact that the metal in the bowels of the earth will soon run out, turned out to be exaggeratedbut the transition to a new type of key material in any case has at least a psychological effect.

Secondly, the much higher theoretical capacity of the new type of material is about 10 times higher per gram than traditional graphite (this significant advance was made possible by modern in situ vapor deposition technology).

Thirdly, the new technology allows phones to operate stably and reliably at low voltages. At voltages below 3.4V, this system provides more than three times the power of traditional systems. Compared to the graphite system, the silicon-carbon system provides 240% more power.

The total increase in real capacity amounts to 12.8% at this time. Not 10 times larger, as in theory, but in any case this allows you to significantly reduce the size of the battery while maintaining (and even increasing) capacity. This is what made it possible to equip the HONOR Magic V2 with a 5000 mAh battery – the same capacity as the HONOR Magic Vs with a radically thinner case.

So this is a very breakthrough incomplete 13 percent. At first glance, yes, the case has simply become thinner, the battery capacity has increased slightly – but in fact there have been no breakthroughs in the field of batteries for a very long time. We can only hope that HONOR will not stop there, and competitors will keep up, and we will finally see a new race – in battery life.


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