Signing in to your Microsoft account will soon be possible without a password – three alternatives are offered at once

In recent years, Microsoft has talked a lot about a future in which users can do without passwords through the use of verification codes, biometric identifiers or mobile apps. The Redmond-based company today announced that such a future will come in the coming weeks.

It is reported that users will be able to use the Microsoft Authenticator app for Android or iOS, fingerprint recognition or Windows Hello facial recognition to opt out of passwords. In order to remove the password from their account, users will need to go to, log in to the system, go to the “Additional security settings” item and select the “Account without password” option. If the user ultimately finds it inconvenient to log in without a password, they can be added to their account again.

Microsoft says its efforts in this direction stem from the fact that passwords are inconvenient for users and pose a security risk in themselves. However, her methods are also not flawless. For example, when using Microsoft Authenticator, users always need to have an authorized smartphone with them, which may not be very convenient.

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