Showing off the upcoming Pixel 7 and AR glasses with

Showing off the upcoming Pixel 7 and AR glasses with voice translation, Google also announced the release of the tablet

The Google I/O developer conference kicked off today, kicking off with a host of new devices including the Pixel 6a smartphone, Pixel Watch smartwatch and Pixel Buds Pro wireless headphones. In addition, Google announced a number of upcoming new products, including the next flagship smartphones, tablets and AR glasses.

And Google didn’t start to spread much about the upcoming new products, but still announced some details. So the flagship smartphones Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, which will debut next October alongside Android 13, will be built on the next-generation Google Tensor processor. Keep in mind that the first generation Tensor chip was used in the current Pixel 6 flagships and the Pixel 6a launched today also uses these processors.

From the looks, one can judge that the Pixel 7 will get a dual camera setup, while the Pixel 7 Pro will have three rear modules. The design of new products can be called the development of ideas that have been implemented in the current Pixel 6. Google itself noted that the Pixe 7 and 7 Pro “Designed for those who need the latest technology and top performance“.

Google also announced a return to the tablet market. In 2023, an Android tablet based on the Tensor chip will be released, focusing on entertainment and content consumption. The company promised to pay attention to optimizing applications for the big screen. Unfortunately, this device was not displayed.

And perhaps the most unusual novelty that Google is showing today are AR glasses. Outwardly, they look like the most ordinary glasses, but they are equipped with a camera and some kind of electronic filling. There are no technical details yet. However, it is noted that the glasses have the function of translating the speech of the interlocutor into subtitles in real time. With this, Google wants to destroy all communication barriers.


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