Shiftall and Panasonic develop ultra light VR headset MeganeX with a

Shiftall and Panasonic develop ultra-light VR headset MeganeX with a futuristic design

At CES 2022, Shiftall introduced the MeganeX, an ultra-light VR headset that was developed in collaboration with Panasonic and looks like massive bifocal glasses.

Image source: Panasonic / Shiftall

Image source: Panasonic / Shiftall

According to Shiftall, the novelty is aimed at users of the metaverse. The company claims it can spend 2,000 hours a year in digital space, so the company decided to create a lightweight, wearable VR device that wouldn’t be burdensome.

This gave MeganeX a really unusual look, more like futuristic glasses than a normal VR headset, whose eyepieces are more like binoculars with two round eyecups. The frames of the MeganeX can be folded like glasses.

Image source: Panasonic / Shiftall

Image source: Panasonic / Shiftall

The weight of the device without the cable is 250 g. For comparison: The Meta Quest 2 weighs around 503 g. Nevertheless, there are also lighter headsets on the market. The lead belongs to the HTC Vive Flow with a weight of 189 g.

MeganeX is equipped with 1.3-inch displays with a resolution of 2560 × 2560 pixels that can project 10-bit 5.2K HDR images at 120 Hz. The headset is based on the Snapdragon XR1 platform, equipped with a camera with a head position detection function with six degrees of freedom (6DoF) and built-in speakers. The MeganeX is also said to be compatible with the SteamVR app via a USB connection.

MeganeX is slated for “under $ 900” this spring.


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