Shazam will help Apple Music increase royalties for songwriters from DJ mixes

Apple has decided to use Shazam to raise royalties to songwriters that are included in DJ mixes. The problem with this kind of music is that it is composed of tracks created by other artists. Therefore, it is logical that the authors of original compositions should receive part of the royalties from such projects. Shazam technologies will be used for this.



Apple completed the acquisition of Shazam nearly three years ago, and since then, some of the service’s solutions have been integrated into iOS. However, until now, the functions of the platform have been used mainly for their intended purpose – identifying the music that is being played at the moment. The new decision may become one of the arguments for musicians to choose Apple Music service instead of competitors.

Shazam algorithms began to be used in Apple Music for analyzing DJ mixes. They will help you to recognize the original music sounding in the mix so that later on, you can properly distribute royalties among DJs, labels and musicians. This means that the authors of the tracks will now receive royalties for using their content in other people’s mixes.

What is not so obvious, the innovation will be useful not only for the authors of original works, but also for the DJs themselves. Most streaming platforms flag mixes as copyright infringing due to the collection of content. With Shazam algorithms and reasonable royalty allocation, DJ works can now be shared seamlessly on Apple Music.

Apple has yet to clarify how royalties will be allocated under the new rules. As for the rest, the rules of the platform have not changed yet – users cannot yet publish their works on their own.


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