Sharp unveiled a prototype of an ultra light VR headset for

Sharp unveiled a prototype of an ultra-light VR headset for smartphones – you can wear it for hours

Sharp is presenting at CES 2023 showed a prototype of an ultra-lightweight VR headset for connecting to smartphones. The weight of the head-mounted display is approx. 175 g.

    Image source: Sharp

Image source: Sharp

The overall display resolution of the VR headset reaches 4K (2K per eye) with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The display and headset nodes are lightweight thanks “patented miniaturization technology”as presented by the company in a press release. Not only can the device be carried comfortably for many hours at a time, but it can also be conveniently folded into a compact size for portability.

The headset is equipped with a Sharp RGB color camera module that uses a polymer lens that offers ultra-fast autofocus. At the same time, when shifting the focus, the viewing angle does not narrow, which avoids unpleasant sensations in the form of dizziness. This is achieved because the polymer lens changes focus as its thickness changes – this is faster than working out traditional focusing mechanisms.

With the color camera, you can transfer the surrounding image to the glasses both in full screen mode and in pop-up windows. In addition, two black and white cameras built into the hands of the headset monitor the control of the virtual interface with gestures, without the need to use controllers. There are no other details on the headset yet, but it looks interesting.


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