Sharkoon introduces 120mm and 140mm SilentStorm case fans

Sharkoon introduces 120mm and 140mm SilentStorm case fans

Sharkoon Technologies has announced SilentStorm 120 PWM and SilentStorm 140 PWM fans designed for use in gaming desktops. The solutions have a diameter of 120 or 140 mm.

    Image source: Sharkoon

Image source: Sharkoon

The design uses a hydrodynamic bearing and the mean time between failures is at least 50,000 hours. Implemented multicolor RGB lighting based on nine addressable LEDs. Effects can be adjusted and synchronized via the motherboard with ASUS Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, ASRock PolyChrome Sync and MSI Mystic Light Sync technology.

The rotation speed is controlled by the pulse width modulation method (PWM). In the younger version, the frequency varies from 400 to 1400 rpm. This creates an air flow of up to 93.6 cubic meters per hour, and the static pressure reaches 1.91 mm water column. The maximum noise level is 20.4 dBA.

The older version can rotate at speeds from 400 to 1400 rpm and produces an airflow of up to 121.9 cubic meters per hour. Static pressure – up to 1.47 mm water column. The noise level is given as around 34.7 dBA.



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