Shareware PUBG Battlegrounds start marked with live actor trailer

Shareware PUBG: Battlegrounds start marked with live actor trailer

Developer at Krafton Publishing and PUBG Studios demonstrated a trailer for their Battle Royale PUBG: Battlegrounds, which is dedicated to the game’s transition to a shareware distribution model.

Image source: Krafton

Image source: Krafton

Keep in mind that PUBG: Battlegrounds (formerly PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) has been selling for money since its Early Access launch in March 2017, but was available to play today, January 12, 2022, with no financial investment.

The revealed video PUBG: Battlegrounds lasts a little over a minute and shows how an ordinary gamer finds himself in the virtual world of Battle Royale and what comes out of it.

New users start PUBG: Battlegrounds with a basic account (which gives access to most of the content). To get Premium status, you need to purchase the Battlegrounds Plus Pass (free for game buyers).

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available for PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Google Stadia cloud service. With the transition to a shareware distribution model, the project simultaneously attracted over 660,000 players.

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