Server configuration error caused Twitch data leak

A few days ago, Amazon-owned streaming service Twitch faced a hacker attack, which resulted in the theft of about 125 GB of confidential data. Now it became known that the leak was caused by a mistake made when changing the server configuration.

Image: Elijah Nouvelage / Reuters

Image: Elijah Nouvelage / Reuters

Twitch representatives noted that an assessment of the scale of the impact of the incident is still pending. However, the service dropped all streamer keys that users use to log into applications used for streaming. This means that streamers will have to repeat the authorization process manually the next time they try to authorize after the keys have been reset.

According to reports, an unidentified hacker managed to steal about 125 GB of data, including information on the highest paid streamers since 2019. Twitch is used by about 30 million people worldwide every day, so the leak could potentially affect a huge number of people.

Recall that at the beginning of this month it became known about a successful hacker attack on Twitch servers, as a result of which data, including source codes and financial information of the platform, were stolen. Later, official representatives of the service confirmed the fact of the break-in and reported that work was being carried out to assess the extent of the damage caused.


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