Serpent Invasion Battle Pass and Evolving Hunter Serpent Moons biggest

Serpent Invasion, Battle Pass and Evolving Hunter: Serpent Moon’s biggest event begins with Hunt: Showdown

In the shooter Hunt: Showdown started The Serpent Moon event is the biggest in the game’s history so far. For two months, users can capture snakes and sacrifice them for the points required to advance through the ranks of the Battle Pass. The latter appeared for the first time at the same time as the update was released in the game.

    Image source: Crytek

Image source: Crytek

As part of the event in the swamps, a supernatural invasion of snakes began. Users must catch them and try not to make noise when approaching the nests (otherwise they may bite) and sacrifice them on one of the altars located next to the boss’s hideout. In return, they receive special points that unlock Battle Pass rewards. Simply killing snakes is worth less points. You can also earn rewards by killing bosses and searching the corpses of dead hunters.

The most important innovations:

  • new plot;
  • new time of day with a big moon in the sky;
  • Gilded Path Battle Pass with three paths (free with 11 rewards and standard and premium with 17 rewards);
  • a leaderboard that rewards Hunter Dollars and Blood Bonds based on the position in which the user finishes the event;
  • the legendary hunter Viper, the first character to visually change as he progresses (the number of stages depends on the Battle Pass path chosen);
  • two types of weapons: a Romero 77 Alamo Coluber shotgun and a Sparks Snakeshot pistol;
  • three skills:
    • “Beastface” reduces the reaction distance of snakes and makes them easier to approach;
    • “Serpent” (Serpent) increases the distance at which a snake can be sacrificed;
    • Poison Sense detects nearby poisoned players when using Dark Vision.

For the full list of awards see official site. Snake Moon runs through September 25th. If user feedback is positive, the developers may switch the game to a seasonal system.

At the same time the eponymous kitwhich includes both the base game and DLC They came from Salem and The Foresighted Night with new legendary hunters and legendary weapons. On the occasion of the event in steam The standard edition of the shooter is offered at a 50% discount, and the aforementioned bundle is 52% off (promotion ends August 1st).

From March 24th to April 14th, the game hosted the Traitor’s Moon event of a similar format. In May, the developers released a major update with a quest system, new Taken types, and weapons.

Hunt: Showdown was released on PC in August 2019, on Xbox One in September of the same year and on PlayStation 4 in February 2020. Steam users left almost 104,000 reviews, based on which the game has a rating of 83%. .

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