Self charging hybrids are outselling diesel cars for the first time

Self-charging hybrids are outselling diesel cars for the first time in Europe

According to the European Automobile Industries Association (ACEA), sales of plug-in hybrid cars in Europe in 2021 exceeded deliveries of diesel-powered models in 2021, but by only 48 cars so far. It is also reported that one in eleven cars sold was fully electric, with a total of 880,000 cars sold.

Source: Photoman/

Source: Photoman/

Hybrids with internal charging typically draw energy from the combustion engine alone and can cover a relatively short distance on one charge. Plug-in hybrids typically rely more on the electric motor and batteries and are therefore considered to be more environmentally friendly. Nevertheless, they also have an internal combustion engine, which allows them to cover some distances on conventional fuel if necessary. “Full” electric vehicles obviously have no internal combustion engine.

During the year, 1,901,239 million self-charging hybrids were registered in the EU, compared with just 1.1 million in 2020. Diesel car registrations fell by a third from 2.77 million in 2020 to 1,901,191 in 2021 back.

New government subsidies for low-carbon or zero-carbon vehicles have tripled sales of plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles to more than 1 million vehicles in 2020 alone, an exact separation of the numbers is impossible. Plug-in hybrids are seen by automakers as precursors to pure electric cars, but their use has been criticized by conservationists, who have found that drivers rely more than expected on internal combustion engines rather than electric motors to produce some emissions.

In 2021, electric vehicle sales increased by 63.1% to 878,500 vehicles, while plug-in hybrid sales increased by 70.7% to 867,100 vehicles. While petrol remains the most common form of transport, it accounts for 40% of car registrations, up from 48% in 2020.


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