Sega unveils its mobile role-playing game – turn-based battles, colorful characters and fateful decisions

Published and developed by Sega at the Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online presented Sin Chronicle is a mobile role-playing game, the teaser of which was published in mid-September.

Image source: Sega

Image source: Sega

The Sin Chronicle takes place in the world of Heldra, doomed to destruction. For thousands of years, monsters have been climbing from the center of the earth – the Naraku Abyss. This phenomenon has been nicknamed Corrosion.

To protect against corrosion, the people built walls around Naraku known as the Boundary. They are guarded by the Knights of the Boundary, to which the main character of the Sin Chronicle belongs.

Sin Chronicle is reportedly positioned as a non-linear RPG in the spirit of tabletop role-playing games with a strong focus on user-made decisions (“You define the ending”).

At the end of each chapter – about 10 hours long – gamers will have a fateful choice (two options) that directly affect the world and the characters inhabiting it.

Among other things, the Sin Chronicle developers promise a gallery of characters with their own stories, high-speed turn-based battles and only one opportunity for making each decision (no second attempts are given).

Sin Chronicle is created for iOS and Android devices. On the territory of Japan, the role-playing adventure will debut on December 15 of this year (pre-registration has already started), and the date of the western release has not been disclosed.

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