Second Chance Volition promises to transform failed Saints Row reboot

Second Chance: Volition promises to transform failed Saints Row reboot with November update

Volition Studio developers learn more said on the Saints Row reboot massive November update. The patch will bring more than 200 fixes and improve almost every aspect of the game.

    Image source: Epic Games Store

Image source: Epic Games Store

Most important new features and changes:

  • more pedestrians and police officers will appear in the streets and saints will appear in the controlled areas;
  • add many new ways to manage your fleet, including more slots and seven new garages;
  • Co-op improvements: Fixed issues with connectivity, mini-map and rewards.
  • Revise the balance of battles – battles will make “more fun and rewarding progress”;
  • Infamy levels will be harder to reach;
  • the search for collectibles is simplified, and all those already found and not tracked by the game are automatically activated (this also applies to completed tasks marked as incomplete);
  • the character editor adds voice control from Saints Row IV;
  • Haptic feedback is supported when taking photos with the DualSense controller.

The developers are also promising many other changes based on player feedback. In particular, they previously announced their intention to diversify secondary activities. The update has already been completed, tested and released “Later This Month”.

In October, Deep Silver announced that Saints Row had attracted more than 1 million people. The sale wasn’t hampered by mixed estimates, which disappointed Embracer Group CEO Lars Wingefors. media rating for metacritical varies from 61 to 65 out of 100, and the custom varies from 1.5 to 3.1 out of 10.

Critics noted the monotonous gameplay, outdated design solutions, many technical flaws and general incompleteness. At the same time, the range of opinions turned out to be very wide: some gave up the game “beautiful, funny and deep” (game informant), “a worthy new start and an ideal starting point for the future” franchise (The game machine), and other “tragically obsolete” (, “boring sandpit” (IGN), “without its absurd essence” (The enemy). In a review for 3DNews, Alexei Likhachev gave it a 5/10 rating. The players turned out to be much stricter than the journalists – on the mentioned aggregator the majority gave 0/10.

The restart will continue to be supported in 2023. The developers plan to release new content including story content as part of the Season Pass.

Saints Row was released on PC on August 23 (Epic game store), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S.

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