Seagate promises to launch 30TB hard drives within a year

Seagate promises to launch 30TB hard drives within a year

Seagate has announced plans to release second generation HAMR (Heated Magnetic Recording) hard drives, with 30TB drives expected to be available within the next 12 months.

    Image source: Seagate

Image source: Seagate

The HAMR or Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording technique proposes a new method of magnetic recording that makes it possible to reduce the size of the magnetic area storing an information bit and increase the bit density. During the recording process, a small laser diode attached to each head briefly heats a small area of ​​the platter. The heating and cooling process takes nanoseconds while the drive itself remains magnetically and thermally stable.

According to the announced plans, Seagate will release second-generation HAMR drives with a capacity of 30 TB no later than the middle of next year. Around the turn of 2024-2025, 40TB drives should appear, and by 2026 it is planned to create devices that can store 50TB of information or more.

True, as network sources note, the cost of hard drives made with second generation HAMR technology will be very high. As such, their primary application area will be enterprise-class systems and data centers.

It also notes that by the end of this year, Seagate will be launching 30TB server hard drives made with traditional magnetic recording (CMR) technology.

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