Seagate has released a Starfield style external hard drive only

Seagate has released a Starfield-style external hard drive – only the game itself won’t start with it

Seagate has released the Starfield Special Edition Game Drive for Xbox external hard drive for the Xbox Series X and Series S game consoles, inspired by the space role-playing game Starfield. True, launching the Starfield game itself will not work.

    Image source: Seagate

Image source: Seagate

Seagate announced an external hard drive based on the Starfield game back in June. The novelty has recently become commercially available. The drive’s body is white with a game-style pattern, and it’s also equipped with RGB lighting. The drive is available in 2, 5 and 8 TB sizes, uses a USB 3.1 Gen2 interface for connection and does not require an additional power cable. The novelty will be supported by the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles, as well as the Xbox One. In addition, it can be used with a PC.

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, the Starfield game for Xbox consoles cannot be started from this drive. Game developer Bethesda has optimized the game to run on Xbox Series X and Series S internal SSDs or on dedicated storage expansion cards. Yes, there are still games for the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles that support running from external hard drives or SSDs, but Starfield isn’t one of them.

Although Seagate advertises the external hard drive as officially licensed by Bethesda and for use on Xbox and PC, buyers shouldn’t be fooled – Starfield won’t run on it. Nevertheless, the novelty can be used as external storage for old Xbox games and, if necessary, installed on the internal drive of the set-top box. In addition, it can be connected to a PC and run games from there. However, the system requirements of the same Starfield indicate the mandatory use of SDD. It is possible to run a game from this hard drive on a PC and it will work, but this will likely cause serious performance issues.

The 2, 5, and 8 TB Seagate Starfield Special Edition Game Drive for Xbox hard drives are priced by the manufacturer at $110, $170, and $240, respectively.

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