Sea Monsters Age of Empires IV Season 2 begins July

Sea Monsters: Age of Empires IV Season 2 begins July 14 with new events, rewards, and maps

Developers from Relic Entertainment and World’s Edge uncovered Details about the second season of RTS Age of Empires IV titled Map Monsters. It starts on July 14th, and some of the changes can be evaluated two days before. The new features were also revealed in the trailer.

    Image Credit: Relic Entertainment

Image Credit: Relic Entertainment

The theme of the second season was the mythical monsters that cartographers depicted on their maps (the previous issue is dedicated to this issue). the note in the official blog). Legendary rewards that can be earned in rating battles will remind you of these creatures.

On July 12th, users will have access to the following:

  • The Pit is an open world map designed for competitive gameplay;
  • the ability to reassign hotkeys and choose the color of the player from the palette;
  • preferred card selection system;
  • fully open campaign missions.

On July 14th, with the official launch of Season 2, the following will be released:

  • new rating table;
  • revised balance;
  • a new bird’s-eye view of the camera;
  • AI improvements to create and manage Scouts more efficiently;
  • various “quality of life” improvements;
  • seasonal events with rewards (including portraits and crests):
    • By Stars and Sea – August 9-23;
    • Miracles of the Deep – September 7-21;
    • Modern Monsters – October 4th – 18th

More details will be released shortly.

The first season, Festival of Ages, ran from April 13th to June 30th and also included new events, rewards and a leaderboard. The developers are nearing completion reported Plans for a third season. In addition to new events and balance fixes, there will likely be team scoring, cheat codes (including those known from previous installments), and taunts.

Age of Empires IV was released on PC on October 28, 2021 (steam, Microsoft store) and simultaneously appeared in the Game Pass subscription. The strategy has received more than 26,000 reviews on the Valve website and has an 86% rating. Initially, RTS was drawn to Steam 73 928 concurrent users – this indicator remains a record for it. In the last two months, online hasn’t surpassed 10,000 people.

End of June the makers released Patch for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition with performance, interface, AI improvements and various fixes. A little early for Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition came out an update with new random maps, changes to the Lakota civilization, additional ways to interact with minor races, and other changes.

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